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7-29-18 Dogtown

Today’s trip was actually supposed to go last week but due to weather restraints I had to make a call to reschedule for the following weekend. It turned out the weather improved and provided almost perfect conditions. The group I had were a few local kayak fisherman who were keen on pioneering some new territory that was unreachable by kayak. These guys do well fishing off a kayak so the pressure of me getting them on fish was pretty high.  

We embarked at 0500 and headed north to a spot I’ve always wanted to drop jigs at but is always rough and had not had a chance to get there. I’ve trolled and scuba dove in that area so I know the potential this spot can produce. I’ve heard some stories and seen some pictures of nice dogtooth tuna being caught jigging so we wanted to get a piece of the action. 

We made our first drop on some structure and within seconds we get a screamer that never gave us a chance to gain line back shortly before cutting off at the main line. The rush and thought that those monsters are lurking where I anticipated them to be was exactly what I wanted. However the current was a bit strong and made it difficult to stay in position. Once the tide switched, it mellowed out and we were able to get down deep and manage a few other tunas to land on deck.  

The bites were pretty consistent the entire 6hr charter and we couldn’t ask for anything more. Everyone on board got a chance at a fish and also lost a few. I can’t wait for the next group who finds interest in taking on this spot. If you do, you’re up for a challenge to stop these deep sea monsters. Bring extra rods, plenty jigs, and strong arms!