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Does your partner complain that you’re out fishing too much and not spending enough time with your family? You CAN balance family and fishing time out at sea!

Oftentimes I find myself fishing and chartering several times a week and when I do return home to my family, I am exhausted and in need of some rest. Being out on the ocean for long hours of the day can take a lot of you and making time for the family can be a struggle. For us fishermen, our days off work finds us trying to schedule in time for ourselves, like fishing (yes, I fish for work and my days off). We typically don’t spend much time with our families when we are spending long hours near the ocean fishing; and I’m sure your spouse will let you know that before you head out the door.

Maybe your spouse had a difficult week at work or trying manage the kids’ needs while still deciding what dinner plans to make. That alone can be stressful to anyone’s life. Being on a boat helps relieve stress and can involve fun and interactive activities your whole family can enjoy. I like to look at it as a therapeutic way to rejuvenate the soul before getting back in to the daily hustle we live.

You can begin with an easy cruise to a snorkel spot and have the kids swim and enjoy the warm waters Guam has to offer year round. If your family is prone to seasickness, this is a great way to acclimate them to the movement of the water and help get their minds off the rocking motion of the boat. Typically, your captain will recommend a calm area based on the weather for that day. There’s nothing worse than having your entire family sick. They will never want to come back out on a boat!

Now, here’s your chance to get in some fishing. After the family is all done with the swimming and snorkeling, we can now take them to catch some dinner and get them to reel in their first fish. Bottom fishing is probably the most fun for kids as they will get an opportunity to feel the fish nibbling on almost every drop. If none of them have ever caught a fish before, this experience will be unforgettable. Trust me!

I have found that finding a balance between family time and fishing has helped me refocus on my purpose in life. Most certainly for me, being happy and keeping the ones you love happy are my utmost priorities.

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