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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many guests can your boat acccomodate?

We can take up to 3 anglers

  • Do we keep the fish we catch?

The fish will be split with the boat and captain. Our goal is to have our guests enjoy the experience of fishing but to also have you enjoy some of the fish you worked hard for.

  • How long are the trips?

We offer 4 and 6 hour trips

  • Are children allowed?

We can accept children 2 years and older as long as they are okay wearing a life preserver at all times. Please let the captain know prior to booking.

  • Is the equipment included in the price?

There is a rental fee of $15 per person which will cover specified fishing rod, tackle, and bait for the trip (ex. jigging, bottom, casting.) Trolling gear is covered in the charter fee.

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